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Construction directions

We carry out the direction of execution of the work both of the works for which we have carried out the project and of those that we collaborate with other professionals in the sector such as Architects or Engineers.

As part of the facultative management, we assume the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and of controlling qualitatively and quantitatively the construction and the quality of what is built.

Control of execution of the work

During construction, we control the execution of each unit of work and verify the rethinking, the materials used, the correct execution and the disposition of the construction elements and the facilities, as well as the verifications and other controls. to be carried out to verify compliance with the provisions of the project, the applicable legislation, the rules of good constructive practice and the instructions of the facultative management. Upon receipt of the work carried out, the certifications of conformity held by the agents involved may be taken into account, as well as the verifications carried out, where appropriate, by the building’s quality control bodies.

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