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Reports and certificates

We carry out reports and certificates of very different types, whether they are certifications related to construction and execution aspects of works or related to the legal field of constructions and their documentation. Certificates of existence, horizontal division projects, change of use, legality, surfaces or any other aspect necessary in any procedure for the legalization, rental or sale of real estate.

Energy performance certificate

The energy certification of buildings aims to promote energy efficiency in buildings and the use of renewable energy to meet their energy needs and reduce CO2 emissions.

The energy certificate gives useful information to the user who wants to buy, rent, renovate or expand a home, assess its energy characteristics and know the approximate annual energy expenditure.

In Catalonia, the energy certificate also has an additional report that assesses the characteristics of the home compared to the average of its climate zone and with homes rated with an A. It also contains information on the economic savings if s ‘apply measures to reduce energy expenditure. And in the case of existing buildings, the certificate also incorporates recommendations and improvements to obtain a more energy efficient behavior, increase the comfort of the home and reduce energy expenditure.

The certification of energy efficiency of buildings is regulated by Royal Decree 390/2021. This regulation incorporates the indications of the Directive (EU)

2018/844, amending Directive 2010/31 / EU on the energy efficiency of buildings and Directive 2012/27 / EU on energy efficiency.

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